Is it for you?

Divorce is a highly personal matter, and no one approach is right for everyone. However, many couples have found that Collaborative Practice is a welcome alternative to the potentially destructive aspects of conventional divorce. To determine if Collaborative Practice is right for you, ask yourself if these values are important to you:

  • Maintaining respect
  • Minimizing conflict
  • Prioritizing the needs of your children.
  • Being able to listen objectively to your spouse's needs
  • Having your needs be given equal consideration.
  • Working cooperatively
  • Seeing beyond the frustration and pain of the present to plan for your future.
  • Keeping control of the divorce process, and staying out of the court system.

If you and your spouse agree with these basic principles, Collaborative Practice may be a viable option for you. Talk with a Collaborative professional to get a better idea if this process is right for you.